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The origin and history of Martial Arts is a controversial issue. One can see signs of martial arts in Egyptian, Greek, African, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, as well  as other cultures.

The first fighting systems on earth probably evolved alongside humans because mankind must have always had a need to defend himself against animals, as well as against his fellow man. Ancient murals and sculptures show fighting poses from Egypt, India and Babylon dating from as far back as 5,000 years ago. The martial arts as we know them probably did not evolve until systems of offensive and defensive skills were devised in or imported into China. These fighting skills were combined with intangible elements such as compassion, discipline and self-control.


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Kids Program


Kids Black Belt Chuck Norris System Training Programs

All of our kids programs offer good, clean fun for kids. Also a great way to give kids a head start in life. At American Martial Arts Chuck Norris System, they'll learn the positive benefits of self-discipline and confidence, develop coordination and increase strength and flexibility. Because a structure of respect is built into our programs, children develop the ability to listen, learn, and achieve within a highly related environment.

Kid-Smart kid-Safe (Taught in all our children’s class’s)
There was a time when feeling safe wasn't an issue for kids, but in recent years it has become a concern. There has never been another time in history where our kids face as much danger as in the world today. We want to ensure that every child knows how to be Kid-Smart and Kid-Safe so that they can protect themselves at home, at school, on the internet, and in the community. Our Kid-Smart Kid-Safe program will teach them to be aware, confident and assertive, so they are better able to deal with unexpected situations that may put them at risk. As caring parents we understand that we can’t always be at our children’s side, so at American Martial Arts It is of upmost importance that all our kids learn how to play it safe. This Program develops awareness, self-protection and anti abduction skills while helping to increase confidence, competence, and reduce anxiety. Kid-Smart Kid-Safe teaches children how to do this in a way that is realistic yet fun and exciting.

As part of our community outreach, this program also can be taught to children of any organization, school, church, club or event by one of our certified and professional instructor… at no charge. Call 386-428-1316 to schedule.

Bully Proof (Taught in all our children’s class’s)
If you want to instill your child with unshakable confidence and emotions while producing positive values and noble character,

Our Bully Proof Program is for you! Over the last decade we have seen our world rapidly change. Bulling can have detrimental effects on children like stress, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, fatigue, tearfulness, irritability and a host of other debilitating effects. Although bullying in school has always been a reality its severity is unparalleld in our time. Studies suggest that bullying may be a leading cause of low self-esteem in children. Some surveys suggest that less than 15% of kids actually report acts of bullying. Children's inability to stand up to a bully is rooted in fear and intimidation. Some children know that they must confront the bully and would like nothing more than to stand up to the bully, but they simply can't follow through becouse they don’t know what to do. Our Bully Proof Program taught in all our children’s programs teaches your child the confidence and skills needed to stand up to the bully without conflict first and then how to handle the bully if attacked verbally or physically.

As part of our community outreach, this program also can be taught to children of any organization, school, church, club or event by one of our certified and professional instructor… at no charge. Call 386-428-1316 to schedule.

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The United Fighting Arts Federation (UFAF) is an increasingly worldwide martial arts organization founded by Mr. Chuck Norris. Members of the organization study the style of Chun Kuk Do ("The Universal Way").

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